Title: Increasing renovation rate of buildings in Visegrad countries through Renovation Wave

Implementation period: 01/10/2021–31/10/2022

The aim of the project:
The European Commission (EC) presented individual proposals within the Renovation Wave (RW) to help renovate buildings. Public debate at the V4 level is desirable with the aim to motivate governments to consider public positions and to deliver the position of relevant stakeholders. The aim is to support adoption of quality public policies to fulfil the climate objectives.

For this purpose:

  • we will organize four webinars with different speakers,
  • based on the discussion Policy Paper with recommendations will be prepared,
  • the outcomes will be present through media to state administration.

Key project outputs

Policy brief

Increasing renovation rate of buildings in the Visegrad countries through the Renovation Wave:

Recommendations for Member States and the EU institutions (EN version, SVK version)

Policy brief with set of policy related, financial, and technical and capacity development related recommendations


 Four webinars have been organised by project partners. For the recordings click on the webinar title:

Webinar 1:

Financing renovation of single-family houses October 28, 2021

 Webinar 2:

Session 1: Energy efficiency – the way out of fossil fuel dependence in CEE countries June 10, 2022

Session 2: Energy efficiency – what could bring implementation of the new EPBD to your countries? June 10, 2022

Webinar 3: What makes a programme for buildings’ renovation successful? June 14, 2022

 Webinar 4: How are states’ schemes ready to support family houses in saving energy? September 27, 2022

 Media outreach

We have reached 424 registered participants through all the webinars. Only in Slovakia, the topic was communicated by 8 press releases and 140 media outputs.


Project partners: