Improving energy security of the Visegrad through better energy efficiency of buildings

The project duration from 20/05/2018 to 31/01/2019

The aim of the project is to open a dialogue between V4 experts to identify options for updating policies on the energy performance of buildings.

The condition and renovation of buildings, the high proportion of flats in the ownership, or climatic conditions are very similar in the V4 countries. Similarly, the negative impacts of energy inefficient and non-renovated buildings on the environment, the economy and energy security .

Public policies supporting quality renovation and new construction are needed to reduce these negative impacts and to achieve positive effects.

In cooperation with the V4 countries, we have developed a comparative study.

Study reveals four most important areas which influence energy effiecency of buildings in V4 countries.

  • Consistent energy certification of buildings.
  • Supporting innovation and superior quality building implementation.
  • More efficient use of existing financial resources, for example for the renovation of public buildings.
  • Development of rental housing / housing of low-income groups.