Transferring Visegrad experience with Energy Efficiency Building Policies to North Macedonia

Implementation period: 01/02/2021–01/02/2022

A project in cooperation with the V4 countries (PL, HU), Northern Macedonia and the support of the Visegrad Fund.

The aim of the project:
Visegrad countries (SK, PL, HU) are willing to help to transfere use of EU legislation in the issue of air pollution, energy efficiency and consequently housing quality and sustainability in North Macedonia. Visegrad countries have their own experience with establishing policies and programs to support energy efficient renovation of residential buildings, both single family and multi apartment houses. They can therefore share their lessons learned, best practices, but also failures to be avoided. With this project we wish to enable an effective dialogue of Visegrad and North Macedonia representatives to transfer the lessons learned in V4 to the ongoing process in Western Balkan.

Project partners: